Hi folks, we've doing Grampa's Tomatoes since 2005 and it has truly been a great joy for me and, from the feedback I've gotten, for many of you.  It is therefore with mixed emotions that I am announcing that we are planning on moving and therefore selling our house. This of course means an end to Grampa's Tomatoes (unless someone would like to take over!).

I'm keeping the website up and running for now to keep people informed and for the remote chance that we don't move at this time.

I truly appreciate your "business" through these years but most of all I've so much enjoyed having the chance to talk with you about GREAT TASTING tomatoes!  THANK YOU!

Now, about our house, the reason for moving is two-fold. One is because Amy (my wife) grew up in the city and has always wanted to get back there; and another reason is because I'm ready to get out of the house maintenance scene. So, our plan is to move to a low-maintenance place in Buffalo. I really will miss the garden, but I know it will be replaced with another hobby (hobbies!?). 

If you or anyone you know might be interested in our house, please let me know or contact our realtor (link below).  It's an awesome place; we've been here almost 24 years, raised our kids here and thoroughly enjoyed the house inside (spacious and charming) and out (great back deck and tree-filled yard with the creek).  Check out the pictures and info by clicking here



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Featuring tomatoes like the ones Grampa used to grow.
Remember the flavor? Taste it again.

Heirloom and Old Fashioned tomato plants and tomatoes for sale near Buffalo, NY.
Local Sales & Pickup Only. 

Tomato Plants For Sale

These are beautiful, nice, green, healthy tomato plants!  And the best part is, there's no need to buy a four or six pack of any one variety. You can mix and match as you please - choose one of this, two of that, whatever!  See the "Order Plants & Seeds" page for ordering information.

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Tomatoes For Sale
Starting in late July or early August, we've got up to 16 varieties of delicious, home grown (right here at our house) heirloom and old-fashioned tasting tomatoes for sale.  Always fresh, and always priced lower than the the grocery stores.  See our Tomato Varieties page for the this year's varieties. 

10380 Keller Rd.
Clarence, NY 14031

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Customer Comments

"Yummmmmmmmy! Can't beat 'em!"

"Best Tomatoes in WNY!"

"Very Impressed - delicious!!  Thanks!"

"Always worth it - happy to make the weekly trek from the southtowns"

"Some of them are ugly but the taste puts that out of mind."

"Best $$ we've spent all summer!"

"You've made me enjoy summer tomatoes again."

"We have been enjoying all the tomatoes. We just can't get enough! All have been delicious."

"I love trying new kinds. They are great!"

"Love your tomatoes. Thanks."

"Oh we are just eating tomato sandwiches now. They are soooooo good!  Thank you."

"Best Tomatoes Ever!"

"Found you online. So glad I came out. Excited to try all the varieties."

"Just love your efforts. We order the plants yearly - have shared with so many others.....God bless your efforts - the tomatoes are wonderful".

"Sorry to see the season end. Have never enjoyed tomatoes so much."

"I love this place!!! Look forward to it all winter."

A customer is quite at home with her heirloom tomatoes from Grampa's Tomatoes.